Good Pair Days Review


Good Pair Days is a modern online wine shop with collections ranging from “Chillable Reds” to “Pet Nats for Cool Cats” to “Wines your dad would love”.

They aim to “make wine accessible and enjoyable for all” and do this by removing confusion and jargon and making the process of discovering new wines easy and fun.

Not only does their website look great, but it’s also one of the easier ones to navigate around and find something you like the look of.

To get started with their wine club, users answer a series of questions in the “palate quiz”. 

The aim here is to uncover the unique taste profile of the customer, which can then be used for wine recommendations. These preferences include not only taste questions but also budget and whether or not you like to try new styles.

The website will then automatically pair wine to your tastes and add them to your cart. You then have the option of checking out as a one-time purchase or setting up a monthly subscription.

Once you’ve drank your wine, you can log in and rate each bottle which will update your taste profile, meaning Good Pair Days can better match wines for your next delivery.

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Subscription Club Details

The Good Pair Days wine plan is the most flexible we’ve seen so far. It gives users almost unlimited customisability of their deliveries. 

Once you’ve set up a monthly wine plan with Good Pair Days, the website will generate a selection of bottles prior to each delivery date. The style, colour, price, and number of bottles will all be based on your preferences, which you can edit at any time.

One thing we love about this system is that customers have the ability to log in to their account and view the wines before they are sent out.

From here, they can then make swaps or changes right up until the delivery date. Alternatively, the “to be recommended” bottles can be replaced with your own selections in advance if you know exactly what you want.

Note that the wine plan has a minimum of 3 bottles per delivery and free delivery is applied on deliveries of 4 bottles or more.

Wine ClubGood Pair Days
NameMonthly Box
Type of WineMixed
Why try them?Personalised wine recommendations
Country of originWorldwide
Price (per box of 12)$156+
User reviewsGreat
Satisfaction guaranteeYes
No repeatsNo
Request wine changesYes
Delivery frequencyEvery 1, 2, or 3 months
Lock-in contract?No
Membership FeeNone
Cancellation FeeNone
Shipping FeeNone (with orders of 4+ bottles)
Ability to pause/skipYes
Customer supportLive chat, email, phone
Tasting notes included?Yes
Organic options?Yes
Low/no alcohol options?Yes

What We Like


As mentioned above, The Good Pair Days is your best bet if you want a highly flexible and customisable wine plan. Customers not only have a range of dials they can turn to get the perfect recommendations each month, but they have the ability to completely override any suggestions they don’t like the look of. You can also select a delivery frequency of every 1, 2, or 3 months.

There are no monthly fees or lock-in contracts, and you have the ability to pause, skip, or cancel your plan at any time. Unlike some of the more old-fashioned wine plans, this can all be done online through your account settings (thank goodness!).

New styles of wine

If you like the idea of trying out some natural wines, vegan wines, organic wines, biodynamic wines, Orange wines, Pet Nats or chillable reds, Good Pair Days has you covered.

While most Australian wine clubs focus almost exclusively on more the traditional styles, Good Pair Days are staying relevant by offering consumers the latest and greatest wine styles and trends.

Personalised wine recommendations

The problem with traditional wine clubs is you generally need to know what you like before you choose your plan.

But how are you meant to choose a specific varietal or region if you are still a bit of a wine newbie?

That’s where the Good Pair Days personalised wine recommendations come into their own. 

Each bottle of wine is hand-selected by the Good Pair Days team of wine explorers (led by three-time Sommelier of the Year Banjo Harris Plane) and each is marked with 30-50 wine characteristics that make it unique. These characteristics are then matched against your personal taste preferences (based on your results from the palette quiz and individual wine reviews) to create a set of wines for you to try.

As time goes on and the system learns more about your preferences, it can provide better and better recommendations.

Tasting notes

It’s not a deal-breaker but if you’re trying new wines tasting notes can really take your experience to another level.

Good Pair Days are all about making your wine journey fun and adventurous, so we’re glad they include tasting notes as this seems to fit well with their mission.

Happiness guarantee

If you don’t like the wine you receive for whatever reason, Good Pair Days will replace it in your next box. This doesn’t quite stack up to the purchase price refund offered by some other wine clubs, but we imagine most people would be fine with it.

What We Don’t Like

There’s a lot to like about Good Pair Days. In fact, given the range of wines, flexibility and transparency in the wine plans, and amazing customer reviews, it’s very hard to fault.

But, if we had to come up with a negative, it would be as follows:

Value and Discounts on RRP

Good Pair days is an exceptional online wine shop with an amazing algorithm designed by wine experts to recommend wines to suit your tastes.

However, unlike many wine clubs, they don’t offer a certain percentage off the RRP if you sign up for monthly deliveries. You simply pay the same price as advertised in the online store.

The value, therefore, lies in their ability to deliver high-quality wines tailored to your tastes and preferences each month (or whatever frequency you choose).

They also offer a range of incentives for repeat customers, such as the $100 welcome pack available at the time of writing. Similarly, they have a badges and rewards system which encourages customers to try new styles, production methods etc. 

From what we can see, Good Pair Days generally sell wine at a similar price to the winemakers. They do price match and offer to credit your account if you find a cheaper single bottle price. However, for many of their wines, you’ll be unable to find them for sale elsewhere, so you have to put some faith in the fact that the wines are competitively priced.

Customer Reviews

Good Pair Days is so far the only wine club that our Customer Review algorithm has awarded a score of “Great”.

In addition to the delicious wines they receive, customers love the way they are able to grow their wine knowledge, the bonus gifts included with deliveries, and the friendly customer service team.