Vinomofo Review


According to Vinomofo, they “work directly with the best producers in the world to find the wines we love, and curate them to your taste.”

While they don’t offer a huge amount of customisability, they do allow members to choose all the important things such as reds/whites/mixed, and frequency delivery.

But the selling point of Vinomofo’s wine clubs is undoubtedly the relationship they have with winemakers and their ability to deliver you a great range of wines each month at a very competitive rate.

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Subscription Club Details

As soon as you arrive at their wine club page you’ll be greeted with “Wine made simple” and two clear options to choose from.

Option 1: The Mofo Club

This is Vinomofo’s original wine club and in their words is “a wine adventure delivered to your doorstep”.

When joining The Mofo Club, customers have the choice of three options; Whites ($159/case), Reds ($199/case), or Mixed ($179/case). According to Vinomofo, each case has an RRP of over $300.

Customers can then choose to receive wine every 1, 2 or 3 months.

Option 2: Black Market

The idea behind Vinomofo’s Black Market Club is that they include wines where they don’t reveal the maker’s brand online, so they can offer prices at below-market rates. According to them, this allows savings of 60% – 70% off RRP on all wines included in this club.

Delivery frequency can be every month or every second month and shipping is free.

However, unlike with The Mofo Club, customers don’t get to choose what type of wines they want – mixed reds and whites is the only option.

At $139 per case, this comes in at less than $12 per bottle.

Wine ClubVINOMOFO Mofo ClubVINOMOFO Black Market
Type of WineReds and/or WhitesMixed
Why try them?Great valueGreat value
Country of originWorldwideWorldwide
Price (per box of 12)$159 – $199$139
User reviewsGoodGood
Satisfaction guaranteeYesYes
No repeatsNoNo
Request wine changesNoNo
Delivery frequencyEvery 1, 2, or 3 monthsEvery 1, or 2 months
Lock-in contract?NoNo
Membership FeeNoneNone
Cancellation FeeNoneNone
Shipping FeeNoneNone
Ability to pause/skipYesYes
Customer supportLive chat, email, phoneLive chat, email, phone
Tasting notes included?YesNo
Organic options?NoNo
Low/no alcohol options?NoNo
Other notesCan exclude certain wines

What We Like

Straight forward

Vinomofo take a no-fuss approach to their whole business. While they appreciate the history, culture and everything magical about wine, they also acknowledge that it is “just a drink”. In a world that has been shrouded in mystery and words that no one understands for so long, it’s refreshing.

They take the same approach with their wine clubs. No sneaky contracts or monthly fees, free shipping, and the ability to pause, skip, or cancel as you please.

Great Value

The value you get from wine clubs can be difficult to figure out at the best of times. Often the wines aren’t available elsewhere, or you don’t have visibility of what wines are included in the subscription, as is the case with Vinomofo.

In these cases, all we can really do is rely on first-hand accounts from customers that have used the service for an extended period. Vinomofo club members generally speak very highly of the value they think they get, particularly those in the Black Market range.

At the end of the day, what matters is that you’re getting wines you enjoy, at a price that is less than you’d normally expect to pay.

Tasting notes

Vinomofo club members can find tasting notes on their account page once each case is delivered.

Firstly, we like that these notes are provided. Given that the wines in the box are a mystery until they arrive, customers are likely to have a variety or two they’ve not heard of and will therefore want to know a bit more about what they are drinking.

Secondly, providing these electronically just makes sense. In our experience, most of the time the tasting notes get ignored so all the printing is a bit of a waste. But by providing them online, users have the ability to check them out if there’s a wine they’re curious about.

100% happiness guarantee

This is a given with all top wine clubs but we like that Vinomofo proudly displays their guarantee and from what we can see there don’t seem to be many issues with customers running into trouble with requesting refunds for any wine they don’t like.

What We Don’t Like

No visibility

While we understand the need for secrecy with the Black Market deals, we also acknowledge that some customers may appreciate more visibility on the wines they are about to be sent.

Even with The Mofo Club, customers don’t know what wine they are receiving until they arrive at their doorstep.

While most people would likely enjoy the surprise of new wines to try each month, if you’re a bit fussy, you may want to opt for a wine club that lets you alter the wines before they’re sent out. 

Of course, there are tradeoffs here, and the fact that each box is non-customisable almost certainly means Vinomofo can drive better deals with winemakers and deliver more value to their customers.

It’s also worth noting that members have the ability to exclude certain types of wines, according to the following options:

  • Reds, but hold the pinot
  • Reds, but hold the grenache
  • Whites, but hold the savvy b
  • Whites, but hold the chardy
  • Mixed, but hold the pinot
  • Mixed, but hold the savvy b

Customer Reviews

Reviews are generally positive for Vinomofo, with customers praising the quality of the wine and the great value for money they feel they receive compared to what they get at the local bottle store. 

One point that does come up a bit with customers is Black Market deals (Vinomofo’s deals where they don’t reveal the winemaker’s brand online) not living up to expectations. But its always worth keeping in mind that the quality of wine is quite subjective, so it can be difficult to read too much into reviews given many of them come down to personal preferences.

Reviews made during the period of supply chain issues relating to Covid also tend to skew negative due to shipping delays. We don’t think this is worth taking into account when choosing a wine club given these delays are not unique to Vinomofo.

However, they have also received some criticism in terms of their responses to enquiries about shipping delays, which could represent some potential room for improvement.

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Vinomofo FAQ

Is Vinomofo any good?

Vinomofo generally receives very positive reviews from customers who praise their great tasting wines and great value.

Where is Vinomofo based?

Vinomofo was founded in Adelaide but is now headquartered in Melbourne.

How much is Vinomofo worth?

Justin Dry and Andre Eikmeier founded Vinomofo in 2011. The company raised $25 million in a Series B funding round in 2017, giving it a valuation of $100 million.

Who owns Vinomofo?

Co-founders Justin Dry and Andre Eikmeier remain shareholders while there have also been significant funding rounds including a $25 million investment from Blue Sky Ventures in 2016.

How many customers does Vinomofo have?

Vinomofo has around 80k active customers.